Our Community Doula Program aims to bridge the evident gap between access to doula services and essential childbirth education for black families. By tackling issues rooted in medical racism and the lack of adequate healthcare access, we're determined to make a lasting impact.

Bridging the Gap with Holistic Doula Services

At Me & She Doulas, we deeply recognize the unique challenges faced by black mothers. With troubling statistics highlighting their heightened risks during childbirth, our mission becomes even more profound: to empower every black mother and family towards a safer, educated, and more fulfilling birth experience and parenting transition.

Empowering Black Mothers, Transforming Birth Outcomes

decrease in the use of pain medications


decrease in the baby’s risk of a low five-minute Apgar score


decrease in risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience and outcome


decrease in risk of cesarean


Doulas are non-medical support providers offering continuous care and childbirth education and preparation to parents. Why is their role pivotal? Studies spotlight the tangible benefits:

What's a doula?

Enhanced prenatal care

Elevated breastfeeding rates

Fewer medical interventions and cesarean deliveries

More positive and satisfactory birth experiences

Improved newborn care and holistic parenting skills

Building community and connecting parents with support resources

Me & She Doulas' Community Program  Goals


Your contribution directly fuels better maternal and infant outcomes. Every dollar holds the potential to save a life, transform a birth story, and ensure a mother feels heard, supported, and empowered.

supports a family with the invaluable guidance of a birth or postpartum doula

every $1,500

enables a mom to join a childbirth education class

every $100

grants a mom access to prenatal fitness classes

every $20

Your Support Matters to the Mothers in Our Communities

By supporting, you are not just making a donation; you are investing in the vitality of the Greater Cincinnati area. Your generosity will resonate deeply with moms, parents, and families, crafting brighter futures for all.

Share our mission with your friends and family, and help us reach more hearts. Together, let's move towards a safer, brighter future for every black mother and child.

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